Who I am

Hi, my name is Roxana.

 I live in Mechelen , Belgium. Here I have a small atelier in my house where I create, sew and restyle clothes.  My great passion is sewing and designing clothes that will meet your needs and express your personality. But I’m always happy to use my skills in different projects as interior design (pillows, couches or chairs restyle or refresh, curtains or drapes made from new or just resize )  or clothing repairs (reconditioning clothes, zippers change or modifying clothes for a better fit ) .

I have 15 years experience and a great passion to make my clients happy. I also believe that sewing is a great skill that lid us to a sustainable life so I’m glad to learn anybody to sew from young to old . Learn to sew and you will learn to bee free :).

How I started

My mother and both grandmothers learned me to sew, knit, embroidery and crochet when I was 7-8 years. It was something that a girl must know. But what I most liked was sewing. I ruined some good fabrics, cut the lace from my grandmother underskirts to make gala dresses for my dolls and I think I “recycled” some of my clothes too.. So after a while of hand sewing I take over my mother long forgotten sewing machine, repair it and put it to work. I basically learned myself how to sew. Over the years I followed some classes, buy books and learn how to build patterns alone. What was a hobby as a young girl, and then in my youth during my day job as economist become a profession made with great passion where my creativity can run free. 

The price of  good quality clothes in store is high and sometimes the quality, the fitting and the fabric doesn’t justify the price. I make bespoken clothes for a personal style, that will advantage your body and express your personality, but are also sustainable, easy to wear and to maintain. Something on your size, with the fabrics we will choose together.

You can visit my Facebook and Instagram pages to see my work. 

Some of my clothes are in my online shop on Etsy : www.naturalnostalgics.etsy.com